The Cross - Foundation
The Globe - Our Vision
Our Vision is to have an impact globally by having our graduates impact lives across the world with the education obtained at The logos Christian University. Thru our Online and distance learning we can provide education to ministers, youths and leaders across the world 
The People - Transforming Lives
Psychology - Counseling
At The Logos Christian University many of our Professors are Licensed clinical Counselor with there own practice in Florida. This provides our students with a vast knowledge of real life experience in the field of psychology & counseling. We believe in helping Pastors and leaders obtain the necessary education to provide effective counseling in there congregation and in our communities. Our classes provide the course work needed to help Pastors obtain essential Licenses as Christian Pastoral Counselor or Christian Clinical Counselors that are recognized by state agencies.
Our Foundation
God has called us to be a fisher of Men and at The Logos Christian University we provide the education and tools to prepare fisher of Men across our communities and around the world. Many of our students could not finish there education and have a tough time achieving that goal due to work and other life responsibilities that take up most of there time. We offer night classes each Monday and an all day class on saturday to help each student continue there education while still working full time. We believe in transforming lives thru education and guidance at The Logos Christian University.
The Cross a symbol of our faith and the foundation of our University, Religious based courses that prepare leaders in ministry for service in our community and Churches. The Logos Christian university is a religious Vocation diploma granting University. From theology to Counseling we provide the education you need to prepare your self for ministry and leadership. Our Graduates go on to become well equipped Pastors, missionaries, Teachers, Ministers and Christian Counselors