An Extension Campus in your local church will bring the benefits and provisions of college life to the local church, wherever you are located. Ideally, the study group meets in a room equipped for classroom learning.
However, there are many variations in class study, and courses may be tailored to meet the local needs and interest. The logos Christian University courses Extension Campus sites are authorized when (1) one or more The logos Christian University courses are offered, (2) the educational requirements of The logos Christian University are maintained, and (3) students are individually enrolled in the course.

The courses offered are Bible-centered in content and application. Group study through an Extension Campus is an excellent way to encourage comprehensive Bible study, a practice often neglected even by those who read their Bibles regularly. When people study through an Extension Campus in a church related group, they:

:: Learn with a nationally recognized educational program.

:: Share in stimulating and guided class discussions led by a moderator.

:: Receive helpful study guides and examinations that assist study between sessions.

The logos Christian University has established and certified a method of extension study in an effort to meet the demand, and assist churches to fulfill their vision both locally and to the world in which education is offered at a distance from the main campus:.

Extension Campus - An Extension Campus is a separate unit with its own core facilities, curricula, faculty, instructional resources, and with the abilities and vision to serve a region of the country. The The logos Christian University  administrative staff works hand in hand with the local leadership to develop a high quality religious campus by assisting with all phases of college growth. Oversight is provided by the administrative office of The logos Christian University  regarding course scheduling, administration, faculty and curriculum. This institution must utilize the The logos Christian University name in a clear and concise manner..
The Logos Christian University provides  the Profrssors and all  Educational Materials needed.
And a % of all student  tuittion is donated back to the local  Church.
 Extension Campus Program
Extension Campus Program